Getting your time back in 2017

Aiming at achieving amazing growth in your business in 2017, why not investigate our services by booking a free consultation to see how we can best assist you. We will review your business practices and recommend the most appropriate services.  In addition to the preparation of the Statement of Advice, our range of services include:

1. Data entry of the Financial Planning Questionnaire in your financial planning software or CRM maintenance

2. Strategic Advice Service including:

  • Brain storming of proposed strategies
  • Financial modelling of alternative and proposed strategies
  • Preparation of a discussion paper.
  • Adviser briefing in preparation of clients’ meeting

3. A comprehensive Risk research service covering:

  • Risk Needs Analysis as per your Insurance Methodology
  • Pre Assessment and follow up with insurers
  • Risk Research including review of existing product
  • The provision of Risk Research Reports and supporting documents
  • Preparation of alternative quotes for 3 insurers

4. A comprehensive Super Research service covering:

  • Super Research on IRESS on existing product and 3 alternative insurers
  • Phone calls to existing superannuation companies and completion of Superannuation Comparison Checklist

5. Comprehensive Review service including:

  • Strategic Update and projections
  • Record of Advice or Review report as appropriate


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